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iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8- Leaked Spec Wars

2017 has already started out really well for all the smartphone enthusiasts around the world with the  introduction of Nokia 6 and the rumors of Nokia 8 but the real show is between the two giants of the smartphone industry, the war between Apple and Samsung, a war that reached its prime back in 2012 and still the most cooking topic of the tech world. 2017 is an important year for both these companies as its the iPhone's anniversary year and for Samsung, its the year they have to fight hard to put back the miseries of Note 7 and what better way for these two companies to prove their worth than putting forward their best creations the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8. There has a lot of rumors for a while now and here is the compiled version of all of 'em all.


Sleeker looks, curved displays, bezel less front, you name it!! We are in for some hardcore feat of engineering and design this year from both Apple and Samsung. Both Apple and Samsung have rumored to take up some of the best features from their competitors. Rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy S8 might have a 3D touch and iPhone 8 might have a curved display like S7 edge. Galaxy S8 is also rumored have disowned the 3.5 mm head phone jack to make the phone look more thinner, to put some extra battery and also a stereo speaker. And iPhone 8 is rumored to have adopted the wireless charging from Samsung. Things are getting interesting already.


displayBoth iPhone and Samsung are planning to hit a home run in this department with the introduction of curved and minimal bezel front display. Curved display is nothing new to the Galaxy series but it is a brand new thing for the iPhones and for the past couple of years, iPhone users have been expecting a curved beautiful display from iPhones but for some reason Apple has been dodging the thought for a curved display. But this year iPhone 8 is expected to have a curved display with an organic LED panel and not an LCD display ( Finally Apple sees the light!! )Galaxy S8 will feature an almost bezel less curved display with a 2K resolution with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Display is a department that we all are looking forward for from these two smartphone giants.

Finger Print Sensors

untitled1Looks like both Samsung and Apple are trying to do the same thing when it comes to fingerprint recognition but in their own ways. Both S8 and iPhone 8 will feature an on-screen fingerprint recognition system, rather than a dedicated button or a hardware touch button. Personally I am looking for this upgrade from both of these smartphones because, it will look pretty cool and more futuristic. Imagine a phone that will read and recognize your finger impression all over it's display in all possible angles, finally we can all look like Captain Kirk. Samsung is going to achieve this by implementing optical recognition technology, a top layer glass on top of the display will recognize finger impressions. Pretty cool uh!


Apple is going to stick on to their signature A series chip and iPhone is rumored to come out with an A11 chip which is expected to  have 20% increase in processing power and 40% decrease in energy consumption, which is a huge improvement to the A10 fusion chip. On the other hand Galaxy S8 will have a Snapdragon 835 under its hood which is a speedy processor. But no matter how hard Qualcomm tries, it has never been able to surpass the processing capabilities of Apples chipset, as Apple comes up with the most highly optimized version of the software for its processor. But this time, we can expect S8 to surprise us with Snapdragon 835.


iPhone has been known for its camera quality for the past decade and the iPhone 7 plus with its dual camera system is nothing less than excellence. This year iPhone 8 is rumored to ship its dual camera system with optical image stabilization on both of the cameras rather than just one in the iPhone 7 plus. Similarly, Galaxy S8 is rumored to introduce a dual camera system for the first time.
Looks like things have already heated up quite well between these two smartphone giants. The whole tech world is excited about these two phones this year, and so are we. Lets wait till the end to see who wins the contest this time.


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