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Trivia Games That Can Buy You Phones And Feed You Burgers

I recently came across apps that gives rewards when you win. At the first sight, it seems pretty normal and also sounds like a standard android game. But guess what, these rewards are not just computer generated points. These rewards consists of  Bluetooth Speakers, Mobile Phones, Headphones, Fitness Trackers, Cricket Balls, Gift Vouchers, Discount Vouchers and a hell of a lot more. Here are some apps that will fetch you lot more than just silly points.


                screenshot_2017-01-30-18-54-27-819_com-appiness-trizzio screenshot_2017-01-30-18-54-22-595_com-appiness-trizzio screenshot_2017-01-30-18-54-17-592_com-appiness-trizzio
Trizzio is a quiz game app, which will pitch you with some  random questions based on your interests and likes in your Facebook. Most of the questions that gets displayed will be easy and since its based on your interests, it will be easy for you to answer them. But suddenly from no where a tough question will pop up that will startle you for a bit.
This game supports both single player and multiplayer gaming. Multiplayer version will let you play with someone from the global network but with similar interests. This game gets somewhat addicted after some time and you will realize this when you play it.
How the points are given?
                 screenshot_2017-01-30-18-59-57-570_com-appiness-trizzio screenshot_2017-01-30-18-59-27-478_com-appiness-trizzio wp-1485873999629.jpg
All questions work on a live timer and how fast you answer determines your score. The credits you earn are determined by two things: your position on today’s leaderboard; ensuring that the competition is always remains relevant and real, and your total wins minus losses everyday, which gets you the rewards you deserve for beating the competition. These are shown using amazing real-time graphs to see how you are doing relative to your native country and against your friends. If you think you can outsmart your friends and family, you can do that too with one-on-one duels, which you can play against any of your Facebook buddies.
Rewards You Get:
You heard it right! While you’re playing the coolest quiz, you are also accumulating credits which you can redeem against Bluetooth Speakers, Mobile Phones, Headphones, Fitness Trackers, Cricket Balls, Gift Vouchers, Discount Vouchers and a hell of a lot more!
                  screenshot_2017-01-30-19-07-28-830_com-appiness-trizzio screenshot_2017-01-30-19-07-08-755_com-appiness-trizzio screenshot_2017-01-30-19-04-32-398_com-appiness-trizzio
Trizzio has an amazing minimalist user interface and it is also one of the few free quiz games on the Google Play Store with absolutely NO pesky unwanted banner ads ruining your experience. It also caters to the discerning user that wants no-frills speed and efficiency but with a smart fluid interface giving you the information you want when you want with nothing more than necessary. 

Similar Apps

There are few more apps that does the same. Some of them are Quizi and FreeHit Quiz which pretty much does the same, but I personally suggest Trizio for its ease of use and absent of ads. 


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