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Turn Your iPhone Or iPad Into A Portable Gaming Console!!

Imagine what will be the result when an iPhone 7 or an iPad Pro hooks up with a Nintendo switch. Nintendo switch might be a revolution in terms of hardcore portable gaming but the sad thing is, Nintendo switch does not have many games for it. Not yet at least. But fortunately iPhones and iPads have all the games from the most basic game to one of the most graphic consuming game like Injustice, Asphalt 8 or Mortal Combat X. These games might take some time to reach Nintendo Switch, but they are already available in App Store. How is this going to be possible? Here is how.
Gamevice today announced a slew of new game controllers for the iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro which come with improved buttons, thumbsticks and a lightning port. The controller that was launched by Gamevice is extremely comfortable especially when you are playing complicated games like FifaMinecraft, NBA2K17, Marvel Contest of Champions and Assassin’s Creed Identity. The company says that more than 900 iOS games are now supported by the device


The Gamevice controller features a thumbstick, directional pad, trigger and shoulder button on the left side and a menu button, face buttons, another thumbstick and trigger and shoulder button on the right. One of the best features of this controller is that it also features a 3.5mm headphone jack. So you can play your game without disturbing people around you with your good old headphone jack. The controller, which now draws power directly from the iPad or iPhone to power itself, also includes a Lightning port for charging the phone or tablet. Gamevice officials say that the controller draws about the same amount of power as a pair of headphones do.


The iPad Air and Pro versions of the controller hit today. The iPhone and Mini versions go on sale on Jan. 31. They cost $99.99 each.
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